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New Viefe Clothing/Wall Hooks - Fall 2021 Collection

Clothing/wall hooks are essential in any area of the home that requires a quick clothing change or a place to easily store items for on-the-go access. Viefe's new wall hooks are ideal for such items as coats, hats, scarves, purses in entryways, towels in bathrooms, as well as clothing and backpacks in kids' bedrooms.

Viefe’s new unique, designer options for hooks offer several benefits to homeowners including screw-in options or adhesive backing, allowing the homeowner to organize walls their way without the need for a track or mounting system. A large selection of unique styles and finishes can fit many design aesthetics, giving interior designers and homeowners another opportunity to truly customize each room of the house.



Simple sophistication is the essence of Como. This flat, circular hook is available in all of Viefe’s top finishes and matches perfectly with the knob of the same name. Como hooks have a diameter of 41mm, giving it the right amount of surface area to hang those thick, fluffy towels that wait to embrace you after a well deserved bath or shower.


Diabolo has a very distinct shape modeled after the Chinese yo-yo, a juggling and circus prop that dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1572-1620). Diabolo is an elegant hook, perfectly suited to the contemporary bathroom that can bear multiple pieces of clothing, heavy wet towels, and anything else you can throw at it.



The design of Floid has a subtle elegance that makes it the perfect hook for entryways in transitional and classic style homes. Serving as a complement to the two designer aesthetics, Floid has the ability to elevate the look of an entryway with today’s on-trend finishes.


Graf consistently proves to be a winner in the eyes of interior designers and homeowners alike. The addition of the Graf hook nicely rounds out this family of hardware. The knurled texture can provide enough grip to keep clothing from slipping off the hook without any worry of damage to your garments.

Kids' Rooms


Tik is the ideal hook for all types of kids’ clothes and accessories and its rounded edge keeps garments free of marks, stretching, or disfiguring that comes from some standard wall hooks. 


A play on the classic style of wall hook, Tok bolsters a more cheerful and happy aesthetic. The wide hook with a rounded edge has a similar advantage toTik with its ability to maintain the integrity of clothing and accessories that it holds.

Tik and Tok hooks come in a variety of playfully coloured finishes that best suit kid’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Choose a single finish to match the colour palette of the space or mix it up and choose a variety of colours to embrace the fun and nostalgia of being a kid.

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