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Decorative Hardware Collection for Kitchen and Home Office Design

Simplified Connections Spring Collection

Living through a pandemic for the past year has taught us the value of simplified and connected living.  We’ve learned to keep things simple in our lives and to cherish those to whom we are connected. Interior design has met this challenge with the kitchen and home office design concepts of Connected Living and Simplified Living.

Connected Living

We have never been more connected than we are today. Spending more time at home for both leisure and work has changed the dynamics of the home and our priorities. The need to connect with one another and the outside world has greatly increased, as well as the ability to do so.

Mesa in Gold Champagne

To complement the Connected Living design aesthetic, we have included a selection of our newest decorative handles and knobs to add beauty and a personal touch to each concept.

Gondola is distinctively curved and intricately finished like the gondolas of Venice that are known throughout the world for their beauty and practical nature. Gondolas transport our minds to an experience of companionship and connection. Portico is inspired by the architectural entranceways that are used to prepare for going out to, or coming in from the elements. They connect us with the outside world, and create a warm and welcoming portal for incoming entities. Mesa is an ode to the isolated flat-topped mountains of the same name. Bound on all sides by steep escarpments, a Mesa stands distinctively above a surrounding plain, providing a unique perspective.


Today’s kitchen has evolved from its original role. Traditionally, kitchens were used solely as a space to prepare meals. Many kitchens were galley style work spaces that were almost completely secluded from the rest of the home. 

Over the past 20 years, the kitchen had evolved into a space for both meal preparation and entertaining guests. Open concept kitchens that were one with the living room became a mainstay in new home designs as well as fueling a desire for major renovations to open up older homes. Creating a better flow from one area of the home to another and interconnecting family activity was the first step in the Connected Living trend.

Gondola in Polished Gold


Today, Connected Living has erupted past the feng shui aesthetic and into a whole new realm. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way homeowners and their families use the kitchen, evolving once more from a gathering place into a multifunctional space for adults working from home and children receiving their education online. Kitchens are now permanently connected to technology via smart fridges, apps to adjust smart appliances, voice commanded electronics and charging stations for electronic devices.


Home Office

Now, more than ever, people are working from home. While the kitchen is a great place to set up shop, for those with large families or too many distractions to effectively get their work done, the home office is the best solution.

A proper home office setup includes a comfortable chair, a decent sized desk that can hold your computer and a few other things, but should also offer a generous amount of technology to create a space that is designed for you to succeed in the workplace of the future.

Beyond your computer, more electrical outlets for keeping all wireless devices charged and a large external monitor or TV for presentations or online conferencing are ideal and often necessary additions to today’s home office. Other additions that aren’t completely necessary but could be considered “nice-to-haves”, are wireless controls for lights, thermostat, and audio speakers, as well as the ability to monitor exterior communications such as a video doorbell monitor. These items in combination with a proper layout and aesthetically soothing decor and finishes, can enhance your ability to escape to your own workspace and limit distractions while increasing your productivity.

Portico in Matte Brushed Brass

Simplified Living

Everything in your life needs to be simplified from time to time. As you spend more time at home, unnecessary items cluttering up your living space become more apparent. Adopting a quality over quantity approach to design and decor; objectively choosing which household items to keep and what to discard, is the essence of Simplified Living.

Tack in Matte Black & Polished Gold

Stylish and modern, Tack is inspired by tacking from the nautical lexicon, which occurs when the bow of a sailboat is turned through the eye of the wind. Like the sail itself, Tack is modest and functional with the ability to offer its own distinct aesthetic appeal. The Brera handle is a similarly minimalist design, with a much silkier feel due to its graceful curves. Grotto cup pulls, and Beckett handles and knobs round out the decorative hardware selections for Simplified Living. These three distinct pieces of classic cabinet hardware are available in identical finishes allowing you to create a harmonious theme while diversifying your space through design variations. 


The kitchen is one of the best rooms in the house to benefit from a Simplified Living mindset. Clutter leads to disorganization and due to the inherent danger of some kitchen items including knives and other equipment, it can also lead to accidents that could be otherwise avoided.

Cabinetry and storage solutions, such as blind corner pull outs, deep drawers for large items, and open shelving adorned with well organized products, can make use of all available space. Large islands that offer multiple drawers, a seating area, and a few electrical outlets can reduce the need for these elements to be dispersed among the home. Large pantries, either walk-in or tall cabinets with pull outs or internal drawers also add to the simplicity of the space.

Brera in Graphite

The materials used in these spaces can vastly improve the Simplified Living aesthetic. Since contemporary layouts, finishes, and accessories have become a frontrunner in today’s kitchen design, choose flat slab doors, modern shakers and hardware that have less intricate details, making the entire space easier to clean.

Home Office

The Simplified Living approach to a home office is possibly the best thing you can do for your own productivity. An untidy space and distracting items can have serious negative effects on your ability to complete your work. The ideal home office has the tech and tools you need, while being an inspiring space that promotes efficiency and productivity.


Grotto (left) & Beckett (right) in Antique Iron Metallic

Beckett Knob in Antique Iron Metallic

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