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Salice Silentia+ - (R)evolutionary Hinges

Ever-Optimal Soft-Close Action with Integrated Soft-Close Mechanism

With decelerated, extremely fluent and silent movement, the innovative technology offers excellent performance to the complete range of hinges.


Innovative Technology

Twin Dampers

Silentia+ provides an exceptional and consistent decelearation thanks to two new silicone-oil fluid dampers, delivering perfect soft closing action. These two dampers are integrated into the cup of the hinge offering a new achievement of performance and reliability. The extra level of smooth control and consistent decelearation of the door is a result of this innovation.

Speed Selection Switch

The speed selection switch ensures consistent decelerating action that allows you to adapt to any and all door applications. The innovative switch integrated within the hinge cup allows for easy adjustment after doors have been fitted. Activation of this switch provides consistent deceleration on all hinges across all applications. By changing your hinge pair settings to three different combinations of +/+, +/-, or -/-, you gain access to three customizable speed settings, allowing for precise control of your door’s closing speed and the length of it’s closing angle.


Silentia+ Positive Speed Switch Selection
Silentia+ Negative Speed Switch Selection

Backwards Compatibility

Completely backwards compatible with Salice's range of products. There are no changes to your production. Everything else you have come to love about Salice's hinges remains exactly the same: product range, drillings and adjustments. Silentia+ works with all of Salice's existing mounting plates.

Salice continues to offer the most complete hinge offering in the market that can solve any design challenge.


Silentia+ is compatible with all Salice Mounting Plates

Series 700 is the best choice for 3/4 inch doors

Marathon Hardware recommends Salice's Series 700 Silentia+ hinges to our customers. Their closing force perfectly matches the weight of 3/4” doors that are common in Canada with excellent soft closing performance. For 5/8” or 5-panel wooden doors, we recommend adjust your closing speed using the integrated speed selection switch. 

Marathon carries stock of Salice Series 700 Silentia+ across Canada in all regions. Talk to us about your hinge needs and how Salice Silentia+ Hinges can revolutionize your cabinet doors.

Marathon Hardware has stock across Canada for a complete offering of Salice Silentia+ Series 700 Hinges. Marathon is your national distributor for Salice Hinges in Canada!
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