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Golden Champagne Summer

A touch of golden champagne can elevate most home designs. The association with riches and luxury gives a space an almost regal aesthetic. At Marathon, we offer a variety of handle shapes and designs in our golden champagne finish that are sure to make your new space sparkle with elegance.


A white kitchen is arguably the most popular home design trend today. Choosing dark wood trim can break up the space and create some variety without convoluting the design. Mix in gold accents on the hood, faucet and lighting fixtures, as well as the Brook handle in golden champagne to really make the room pop.

Brook is a perfectly transitional piece of decorative hardware that suits many kitchen designs. The subtlety of the handle’s shape ensures that it will not overshadow millwork, while remaining a focal point.


Golden champagne cabinet hardware set against dark tones such as black, dark greens, and dark blues, place the handles in the spotlight. A dining room buffet or any piece of dark coloured furniture becomes a canvas for golden champagne hardware and trim.

Comfortable and beautiful, Getwinn has a sleek, low-profile shape that plays well as an accent to cabinetry.


The laundry room is another area of the house which is most often white or light coloured. However, mixing it up by creating a black laundry room opens up a lot of interesting opportunities. Golden champagne hardware on matte black or shou sugi ban cabinetry creates a high-end designer look. Add a gold faucet for your laundry tub and a fluted accent wall and laundry may actually become enjoyable.

Shift handles sport a “twisted” look, while remaining comfortable to the touch. The broad bar allows the handle to stand out against the cabinetry and add some variety to the overall aesthetic.


Two-tone colour schemes are one of the top trends in kitchen design. A pastel mint green island shakes up the all-white status quo by adding an interesting element to the room. Golden champagne cabinet hardware, gold accents on the oven, pot filler tap, and light fixtures, add another layer of character.

Setting Mercury apart from the standard square pull is the little “twist” in the centre of the bar. Turning a square shape into a diamond is the ultimate ode to the golden champagne finish.


A crisp, white bedroom has an airy and inviting feeling. Add a shiplap ceiling, unobstructed windows, light coloured hardwood floors and a white area rug, and golden champagne hardware for a beach town feeling like no other.

Cornet is a unique finger pull that complements cabinets and furniture with drawers of all sizes.

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