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Eurocucina 2022 - Trends Report

Eurocucina is an annual trade show in Milan, Italy. This year, four of our staff members went to Milan to attend the show. While there, they learned all about the latest trends in home and kitchen design.

Trends at Eurocucina 2022

Dark Toned Drawer Systems and Slides

Dark drawer systems have taken hold, showcasing a robust and trend-worthy colour scheme for drawer interiors. Similar to our Legacy Endura anthracite drawer systems, Eurocucina took the trend a step further. Many major kitchen design companies offered even darker tones including the ever-growing matte black trend.

Cabinet Strip Lighting Trends

The trend of internal cabinet lighting has caught on in a big way. Nearly every booth featured interior cabinet LED strip lighting. Mainly for display purposes, internal cabinet lighting can enhance the look of the cabinet itself, and the items inside.

Decorative Hardware Trends

Recessed Cabinet Pulls

Recessed full size pulls and finger pulls were also present throughout the show. This look created flat faced cabinets with no protruding handles, which paid homage to modern European style.

At Marathon, we carry recessed pulls including Wave and Hide by Viefe, as well as Laguna Gola profiles by Eureka.

Textured Patterns

Knurled patterns etched into aluminum handles have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Today, we see more knurled handles than ever before. At Marathon, we could foresee this trend, which is why we carry handles such as Graf Mini by Viefe. As well, we carry three models from Citterio Giulio - Luca, Renate, and Ducale. As this trend continues to become more popular, we are likely to see more pop up throughout the industry.

Aluminum Furniture Legs

Aluminum furniture legs are another trend that was present all across the show. From peninsulas bridging off an island, to standalone tables and chairs, the trend is penetrating the European design industry.

Modular Shelving Incorporated into Cabinetry

Modular shelving was another on-trend design concept that stood out. As a custom fit product, you can incorporate this type of shelving into upper cabinets and islands.

At Marathon, we carry a modular shelf system called Float, that can be utilized in the very same fashion. Additionally, leg levelers and other add-ons turn Float shelving into furniture to be used throughout the home.

Aluminum Countertop Storage & Shelving System Trends

Accessible storage was one of the top trends throughout Eurocucina. Countertop storage systems allow on-the-go access to utensils, herbs, and many other items needed while cooking.

Open shelving systems similar to the Slim by Eureka offered a custom fit solution for every room in the house. Not just the kitchen. Additionally, slotted walls with storage bins that can be moved at a moment’s notice, were also a very popular trend.

Drawer Organizer Trends

Drawer organization systems appeared in many drawers in both wood and aluminum. In many instances, the modular systems are designed to be custom tailored to the individual drawer. As a result, designers have the personal touch of matching the system to the lifestyle and needs of their clients.

All in all, many of the trends at Eurocucina 2022 were highly functional. This focus offers a helping hand to the homeowner that loves to cook and entertain in their kitchen. However, the products and trends also carried with them a level of beauty that only proves to accentuate home design.

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