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Welcome Home to our Winter 2021 Decorative Hardware Collection

Home is where the heart is. Kitchens are where we often gather with family over warm, comforting meals to reminisce and catch up with our loved ones. These are the times that we’ll remember forever. The times that shape our lives, and the times we look forward to the most.

Strasse BSN

New Kitchen. New Handles.

Whether building a new home, or renovating a kitchen, our Welcome Home Winter Collection is designed to make you and your clients feel at home. We have merged a selection of our newest decorative kitchen cabinet hardware with on-trend colour palettes and textures to complement the feelings of warmth and wellness that only the company of our loved ones can create.

Start Your Day

Arguably the most important meal of the day, breakfast prepares not only your metabolism for burning calories throughout the day, but also your mind for checking off items on your to-do list. Whether you’re in a rush or want to slowly start your day surrounded by your loved ones, stylish designs complemented by gorgeous decorative cabinet hardware, create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere to get your day started.

Moka AG

Moka in Anthracite Grey


Starting your day out right is crucial to achieving daily goals. What better way to start than to enjoy a hot cup of coffee directly from your Moka, the famous Italiano Bialetti coffee pot, with a friend or loved one, as you venture into a stress-free day.

moka handle anthracite grey

Anthracite Grey

moka handle clay grey

Clay Grey

moka handle brushed satin nickel

Brushed Satin Nickel


Strasse CGR

Strasse in Clay Grey


Mostly straight, with simple graceful curves, our new handle, Strasse, comes from the German word for road or street that works as a connection between two places. Be it for work or play, the roads we travel can lead us to the wonders and intrigue of the world around us, and inevitably back home to the comfort of our loved ones.

strasse handle brushed satin nickel

Brushed Satin Nickel

strasse handle anthracite grey

Anthracite Grey

Take a Break

Leftovers, sandwiches, salads and soup. No matter what your choice for lunch may be, it’s likely you have little more than a few minutes to stop and enjoy your meal. A place for everything and everything in its place is the motto of this midday break, which is why your home design should be as functional as it is beautiful. Gorgeous, yet practical decorative cabinet handles and pulls can save you precious time that in turn can be used to relax alone or with family.

Ducale SIL

Ducale in Lacquer Silver


The Ducale handle whisks you away to the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. Sophisticated design and quality workmanship allow you and your famiglia to enjoy the traditional luxury of Venetian inspiration from the comfort of your own home.

ducale handle titanium bronze

Titanium Bronze

ducale handle copper bronze

Copper Bronze

Summit BDBK

Summit in Brushed Matte Black


From the summit of any mountain, the view is an impeccable escape from the rigours of everyday life. The new Summit pull with its subtle protrusion that mimics the peaks from which it draws its name will transport you to the apex of the majestic mountain ranges throughout the world from the privacy of your own kitchen table.

summit handle anthracite grey

Anthracite Grey

summit handle brushed matte black

Brushed Matte Black

summit handle silver bronze

Silver Bronze

Time to Unwind

Dinner is almost universally regarded as the favourite meal of the day. It’s a way to cap off even the most stressful of days by arriving home or finally shutting off the computer in your home office, to enjoy some much needed rest and a delicious meal with the people you care about most. Whether it’s with family or friends - in-person or through a Zoom party - it’s the best time to reminisce about the day, discuss life, and share a laugh.

Luca DBK

Luca in Matte Black


Luca is that stylish and sophisticated friend that can drop in for a drink, or share stories around the dinner table. Always polished, confident and composed, the Luca handle, much like the person, stands out in your memory as something distinctively special, warm, and welcome in your home.

Renate NBR/DBK

Renate and Luca - Natural Brass bar with Matte Black feet


Renate, the Italian region from which the family owned and operated, Citterio Giulio hails, is the inspiration for this stunning piece of decorative cabinet hardware. This tight knit group of people know all about the importance of time spent with family in the home and around the dinner table.

Renate and Luca are similar in size, shape, and texture - both featuring a beautiful knurled bar - and are available in the same colour variations. The main difference is the shape of the feet. Luca features a rectangular foot with an arched top, whereas Renate features a cylindrical foot with a slightly domed top, providing you with two incredible options to suit your taste and the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

luca handle matte black

Luca in Matte Black

renate handle

Renate in Natural Brass

renate handle natural brass matte black

Renate - Natural Brass bar and Matte Black feet

renate handle natural brass matte black

Renate - Matte Black bar and Natural Brass feet

No matter where you are going to or coming from, our Winter Collection of designer, contemporary and transitional hardware is a perfect way to welcome you and your family home.

Explore the Winter Collection online and familiarize yourself with this remarkable selection of decorative cabinet hardware. 

Visit one of our Six Showrooms across Canada or Order Samples to see the beauty and feel the warmth of this new collection.

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