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Matte Black is the New Black

Today, matte black is one of the most common decorative hardware finishes used in interior design. Its subtle appeal has a way of complementing hundreds of colour palettes. It also has a way of not overshadowing the millwork and other design features of a space.

Lately, many designers have found ways beyond decorative hardware to include matte black in home design. As a bold, yet delightful accent matte black goes well in kitchens, bathrooms, and many other areas of the home.


Matte black Moka handles on white kitchen cabinets is the most popular colour scheme for the most popular room in the house. There’s no better way to feature the beautiful design of a handle than setting it against a contrasting backdrop.

Add a matte black kitchen faucet and pot filler tap, as well as industrial light fixtures to truly tie the hardware together. A light wood grain island, floors, and shelving provide some variety while creating one harmonious palette.



The bathroom is another area of the home that can benefit from the aesthetically pleasing nature of matte black. Countertops, a fluted accent wall, soaker tub, lighting fixtures, and Strasse decorative handles in matte black tie the space together to create a seamless setting. Warm beige stone tile and a light, yet warm toned wood grain can add to the peace and tranquility of your own personal spa.



The versatility of matte black stretches to some of the more niche areas of the home. A personal wine bar is a great addition to a house. It allows homeowners to display fine glassware and store extra bottles of wine and spirits.

Light wood tones act as a canvas to highlight the Summit pulls. A stainless steel wine fridge and matte black / glass French doors round out the modern design, creating a space that’s warm and inviting.


Laguna Gola Profiles

Matte black works in every room of the house. What better place to feature such a clean, yet bold design statement than the kitchen? The sleek Laguna Gola profiles highlight the designer feel of matte black cabinetry and appliances. Light wood grain and a carrara style quartz countertop add the subtle accents needed to break up the space and add a level character to the overall design aesthetic.

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